The TWO-MONTH ShareWithU MBA Workshop program aims at preparing students for Top MBA Offers. You will get all the knowledge you need for application, such as TimePlan, Facts of each Business School, School Choosing Suggestion, Essay Outline, Essay Samples and Tips for application. Also, you will learn more about yourself through our systematized sessions.

Why ShareWithU

Because how you can apply to the Top MBA Business Schools matters to everyone and after joining ShareWithU MBA Workshop program you will find you are not fighting alone. All of our professional consultants with years of supporting students' applications are ready to help. Besides, you will meet applicants having similar backgrounds to build your own network and share with each other during the whole application season.

ShareWithU Group focuses on the MBA application from the company foundation. All of our founders are graduated from the Top16 MBA program. Thus, our experience and culture for MBA application are special and inimitable. “We know the most about MBA application and oversea studies because we are in it.”

Profit by the resources of our ShareWithU Forum, you can not only learn from our online lectures and the peers. You can also get things special in our forum. For example, study more facts about Universities in 学院街, join the online seminar offered by successful MBAers. All these information will be reminded through our Workshop Public Wechat.

We will offer you only the key points about MBA application, such as the principles you need to know, the strategy and tips in application, and also the main concerns of the AOs. NO jokes, NO non-essentials. All we care are EFFICIENCY and SUCCESS.

In addition to our Workshop program sessions, the ShareWithU MBA Mentor Pool is also accessible for you. Our Mentor Pool includes the MBA elite graduated from or are still studying in Top MBA Business Schools. The MBAers can help you work on the essays and offer mock interview services.
You can build your own Alumni Network from NOW ON.


Session One: MBA Guide and Application Rules.
Session Two: All about Career Goal Essay
Session Three: Key points of Essays & CV
Session Four: Recommendation Letters & Conclusion for Essays

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